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1stFlash Custom Programming, Website, & App Development

Custom Programming, Website Development, & App Development For Profitable e-Business & e-Commerce – 1stFlash Optimized Websites and Web Apps leverage the reach & penetration of the Web to market your Products and/or Services on a Local, National, or Global level.

Custom Website Development Platforms

1stFlash web programming teams have developed hundreds of custom e-Business and e-Commerce solutions on both PHP / MYSQL and also ASP.NET / SQL platforms. Every 1stFlash Website Is Built With An Underlying SEO-Friendly Architecture!

We understand that Your website will never be ‘finished’ and that it will need to evolve in order to expand your online business. Your website will be developed with a Scalable Architecture, including scalable site navigation systems. Evert site includes a ‘WYSIWYG’ adminstration panel, so that your existing pages can easily be edited or expanded with new content, and You can easily add new web pages – even online forms! With our Modular Development approach new functionality such as Blogs or even e-Commerce capability can be literally ‘plugged in’ to expand the capabilities of your website.

If you have already developed a stable web platform you may be interested to develop one or more Web Apps to support specific business channels or support data colection and flow for your in-house teams. We specialize in custom App Development and will work with you to specify and then build the required functionality and integrate it into your existing systems.

Modular Website Development

1stFlash web programing teams use a Modular Development approach to developing Your custom website. We have pre-developed and continue to re-develop dozens of Code Modules to provide Your website, with ‘plug & play’ modular upgrade capability. The most popular Code Modules in our Code Repository include:

  • Online Catalog Modules
  • Online Gallery Modules
  • SEO-Friendly e-Commerce Modules
    (Including: Shopping Cart, Live Shipping Lookup, Tax Calculation, Payment Processing, Checkout, Store & Customer Notifications)
  • Blog Modules
  • Site Search Modules
  • Customer Registration Modules
  • e-Newsletter Generation Modules
  • File Upload To Site Modules
  • Custom SEO Modules
    (NOTE: All SEO Modules are developed from a common SEO ‘best practices’ methodology, but SEO modules are not pre-coded)
  • plus many more…

Specific Business Website Development

We also offer pre-coded website architectures intended for different specific businesses. These websites contain packaged pre-coded modules that just require the addition of custom graphic design in order to provide You with a fully functioning custom website:

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum e-Business Systems
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum e-Commerce Systems
  • Online Auto Dealership
  • Online Hotel
  • Online Golf Club
  • Online Restaurant
  • Online Employment Agency
  • plus many more…

Whatever business You are in, we can develop a custom website that is specifically designed to be found by Your target market, fit their exact needs, and grow Your business.

We also support every website that we develop with a range of reliable & secure website hosting plans that You can progress through as your website evolves, and Your resource requirments continue to grow.

Web Applications Development

Our custom programming team has developed a wide range of Web Apps, specializing in ASP.NET with integration of data flow into e-Commerce and ERP systems. If you have an idea for a novel application, or would like us to develop an app for your existing process Contact Us to talk about the next step.

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