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Website Design

You’ve probably met with a good number of Website Designers before.

You’ve probably had several nice conversations and judged their creative website designs to find the ‘best’ designer to work with. You may have assembled a website development team that spent hours: carefully considering the use of color, re-writing your brochure-ware content, selecting glamorous new images, etc. You may even have had the ‘pleasure’ of talking tech about AJAX, CSS, HTML5, mySQL vs MS-SQL…, and those supposedly all-important meta tags!

This is the tried and tested approach to website design that has filled the web with websites that just don’t make any money! You may have created one or more of these shallow, yet creative, facades for your business – and if so, you already know that this approach is a complete waste of time and money.

EFFECTIVE Business Website Design

If you really want to leverage the Web to take your business beyond the next level you have to forget about Website Design! – at least for now!

If you choose to meet with a 1stFlash Web Marketing Consultant we will not talk about website colors, images, your content, or technology. Instead, you can expect to get an understanding of how we can work together to use truly effective web marketing best practices to achieve the significant business growth that you need.

We’ll show you our proprietary system that can quantify all of your potential clients who are using the web to seek out your current offerings. We’ll focus on the most profitable offerings that are already in your portfolio and identify any potential new offerings that are a logical fit for Your business. You’ll learn about a very different approach (using hard numbers) to define and deploy on your website the correctly optimized content that your potential prospects crave, and that will compell them to contact You to talk about doing business.

We’ll talk with you about the differences between organic Search Engine Optimization and paid search advertising using Search Engine Marketing. We’ll also talk with you about a more focused Social Media program that doesn’t waste hours of your time every month only to develop posts that your target market have little interest in or access to.

We’ll talk together about a phased plan to evolve a truly effective and profitable website for your business, with a modular approach that does not necessarily require a single large up-front investment. We can get your new website online and working for you in a surprisingly short period – so that you can begin to develop your web-based revenue stream and prove the concept before committing to an extended expenditure of time or capital.

And when you’re ready to work with us, we’ll erase any lingering doubts that you may have by putting you in touch with some of our existing clients who will be happy to confirm that we have already done for them everything that we claim we can do for you!

When you see what other companies like yours have achieved by working with us, you’ll fully understand why Your website has to provide highly specific, deeply informational content, tightly focused around the exact Needs of your target markets – rather than the shallow brochures, gimmicky jingles, or other ‘creative’ marketing messages that the other website development firms believe you want and need to convey!

Decision Time

Do you want to build a creative business facade – designed to satisfy Your personal tastes and desires? Or, will You invest Your time with us, to understand how You can develop your most profitable business presence on the Web – an optimized presence that is found by your most profitable target market segments, and compells them to do business with You?

Are you going back to the Website Designers or do You want to open up some dialog with a 1stFlash Web Marketing Consultant. It’s time to decide which investment of Your time and money is most likely to get You the bottom line results that You really desire for your business!

Schedule a 1 hour meeting with us and we will talk about a fresh approach to building the optimum website for your business.

Do You want to take your business to the next level?
If you will commit to invest one hour in open and honest conversation with us, we’ll talk with you about a proven approach to Web Design that takes serious businesses like yours FAR BEYOND the next level!
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