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Mennonite Furniture Studios

Proven e-Commerce Strategies & Solutions That Grow Business. 1stFlash Worked Closely With American Heirloom Furniture To Develop Their Optimum Web Marketing Strategy, Then Developed The Mennonite Furniture Studios e-Commerce Website & Social Media Program To Market Their Furniture Nationally.


Mennonite Furniture Studios Summary

Mennonite Furniture Studios is the e-Commerce store for American Heirloom Furniture, of Kenton, Delaware. The company produces a full line of high quality solid hardwood furniture, specializing in custom & reproduction antique pieces.

Web Marketing Strategy Developed by 1stFlash
The 1stFlash Web Marketing Strategy was developed in 2006 and defined exact target market sectors by keyphrases used, as well as monthly search volume targeted. This document provided all specifications for the design and development of the websites, and development of all the optimized web content required for Mennonite Furniture Studios to be found and to convert. A phased approach was adopted in order to build and evolve the optimum web presence over time, to fit the available budget.

The 1stFlash Web Marketing Strategy provided the basis for all branding, positioning, and messaging, and is the single most important factor behind the success of Mennonite Furniture Studios.


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Branding Developed by 1stFlash:

  • ‘Mennonite Furniture Studios’ brand name
  • Mennonite Furniture Studios ‘Rosette’ logo
  • Amish ‘Classic’ Furniture Pieces are true Reproduction Antiques offering superior beauty and durability compared to the original furniture masterpiece.
  • Amish ‘Heritage’ Furniture Pieces are a modified interpretation of a traditional furniture masterpiece, offering superior durability, functionality, & comfort compared to the original.
  • Amish ‘Contemporary’ Furniture Pieces are essentially remodeled ‘Heritage’ Pieces, with simplified lines for a cleaner and more modern look.

Positioning Developed by 1stFlash:

American Heirloom Furniture pieces of the Colonial and Federal periods were built to last by caring men who thoroughly understood their tools, materials and craft. Today our Mennonite and Amish furniture builders undergo a long apprenticeship to develop keen eyes and skilled hands, and these expert craftsmen are dedicated to unhurriedly building Your Heirloom Quality furniture the right way – offering exceptional value without compromise!

Business USP

  • Only The Best Endures!

Example Traffic Analysis for www.Mennonite-Furniture-Studios.com:

  • 4,378 Site Visits/month from 3,768 Individual Visitors (Jan 2018)
  • 13,584 Site Pageviews/month (Jan 2018)
  • Traffic Sources: Search Engines (72%), Referring Sites (16%), Direct Traffic (12%)
  • Visitor Locations: USA (86%), Canada (5%), All Other (9%)


e-Commerce Business Outcome:

www.Mennonite-Furniture-Studios.com has given American Heirloom Furniture nationwide reach to highly targeted customers all across the USA and Canada. Additionally, the web marketing strategy identified several new, and highly profitable, target markets.

The free e-Books published on the website have increased the company’s credibility, and expanded its’ reputation as a provider of high quality furniture. The website has also brought in new wholesale business from dealers across the country.

The very considerably extended market reach has enabled access to significant numbers of targeted buyers seeking Custom Solid Hardwood Furniture, bringing in new higher-margin business.

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