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Proven e-Business Strategies & Solutions To Grow Your Business
1stFlash e-Business Websites leverage the reach & penetration of the Web to market your Products and/or Services on a Local, National, or Global level.


In our terminology, e-Business is defined as any Business that relies on the Internet and the Web to be conducted.

e-Business Websites

A 1stFlash e-Business Website is therefore a website that provides all necessary information and functionality to promote Your business on the Web. It may contain an online catalog, a blog… It may even allow you to build e-Newsletters and e-mail them to an onsite database of self-registered prospects & clients.

See the e-Business Case Studies (in the right column) and if you have questions or wish to find out more please Call 716.775.0206 to talk with a Web Marketing Consultant about an e-Business website for your business.

e-Business vs e-Commerce

An e-Businees website does not contain the shopping cart / checkout functionality of an e-Commerce Website. So an e-Business website does not enable online transactions and payment processing.

We classify most informational websites as e-Business websites. This type of website is ideal for any business that wants to use the web but does not need shopping cart functionality. Typical applications include websites for consulting professionals and firms such as Architects, Construction Companies, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Web Marketing Consultants, etc.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of e-Business websites, developed by high-power advertising companies, creative website design firms, or even by entrpreneurial business owners themselves, are built primarily to achieve a creative facade for their business. This is a design flaw that dooms them all to underperform in the competitive landscape of the Web, and dooms their business to a less-than-satisfactory ROI.

1stFlash e-Business Solutions

A 1stFlash e-Business Solution is far more than a simple e-Business Website. It is an optimized online information source that is easily found by highly targeted prospects with very specific Needs, and it includes an inbuilt selling system that will compell them to contact You to talk about doing business.

These carefully planned e-Business Websites do not ‘trick’ anyone into spending time on them. They are specifically designed around a coherent Web Marketing Strategy, that focuses on attending to the specific Needs of their intended target market(s), and they present Your business offering as a reasonable solution.

When you decide to invest in a 1stFlash e-Business or e-Commerce Solution, you first invest in developing your optimum Web Marketing Strategy. This is your Online Business Plan that defines every aspect of your website content; what content will be presented, how it will appear, and exactly where it will appear.

When we build your website, the precise order in which your informational content is presented will follow a series of carefully constructed ‘buy lines’, along which site visitors will progress towards ‘conversion’. This specifically targeted informational sales process will function as your sales prospecting engine!

It is critical that your targeted viewers can find your website on their terms, wherever and whenever they are looking for web content related to your business. 1stFlash e-Business websites are built usine Search Engine Optimization Best Practices and Mobile Web 1st Responsive Design Principles to ensure that your new website will be found and will be viewable across the full range of devices available in the marketplace.

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