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Proven Web Marketing Strategies & Solutions For Profitable Business
e-Business Or e-Commerce – 1stFlash Web Marketing Consultants will work with Your team to produce Your optimum Web Marketing Strategy.

You Need A Coherent Web Marketing Strategy

SMB or Enterprise, Local, National, or Global Market – The Web is now ‘The Place’ To Market Your Business. Yet the vast majority of businesses have no real clue how to use the Web to build their brand(s) and maximize profitability.

To leverage the reach of the Web for Your business You will need to make some significant changes. You Need A Coherent Web Marketing Strategy:

  • A Quantitative Plan – that analyzes statistically-valid ‘hard’ data
  • A Strategic Plan – that defines the exact most profitable ‘Fit’ between the Needs of Your target market(s), Your current portfolio, and All Your Potential Offerings
  • A Broad Plan – that considers the full breadth of the Web to Your maximum advantage
  • An Optimized Plan – that leverages Your available marketing budget into Maximum ROI
  • A PROVEN Approach – to achieve all of the above.

Developing Your Optimum Web Marketing Strategy

A 1stFlash Web Marketing Strategy is a documented online business plan that lays out the optimum way for Your business to use the Web to be found by Your most profitable Target Market sectors.

A Web Marketing Consultant will work with your team, for several weeks, to develop Your optimum Web Marketing Strategy. We will provide hard data, proprietary tools & analysis, and web marketing expertise. You will provide your current business experience and intelligence. The resulting documented plan:

  • Will Use ‘Keyphrase Research’ to Quantify your prospects using the search engines and Qualify them under different market segments
  • Will Define your existing Target Market(s) and all related Potential Target Markets
  • Will Account For varying profitability across Your portfolio
  • Will Define any barriers to success
  • Will Define the architecture of Your optimum web marketing solution
  • Will Lay Out a Phased Strategic Approach to marketing on the Web with short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term targets
  • Will Define the optimum First Phase that will fit within Your short-term budget

You may be located right here in New York, or even on the other side of the world. Just as you can use the Web to be found by a global market – wherever you are, we can work with your team to produce Your optimum Web Marketing Strategy – thanks to modern Internet communications.

If you are selling to a National or International marketplace, you now have much to gain by factoring mobile web users into your marketing strategy. If you are selling to a Local marketplace, studies prove that mobile web will be an even larger component of your target market. We can help you understand the current mix of mobile web users and traditional computer users that make up the target market for your business.

Do You want to take your business to the next level?
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