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The Evolution Of Web Marketing

Back 1991, when AOL for DOS was launched, the Internet was still in it’s infancy, and the potential for using e-mail as a marketing tool was essentially unrecognized. Today, the Internet and the Web have evolved into a highly sophisticated sales & marketing channel that enables massive reach with laser-like targeting, and it continues to grow and evolve at a spectacular rate.

The Internet and the Web are evolving so rapidly because their development is fueled by an accelerating feedback loop. This arose when new access technolgies stimulated increased usage – which then stimulated development of more new access technologies…

For Example:

  • In the mid 90’s web portals like Directories and Search Engines increased access to web pages fueling explosive growth in website development and business marketing opportunity. Today, our available options to reach the marketplace through portals like Google, ebay, Amazon, the shopping engines, online ‘social networking’… continue to expand.
  • Online Security continues to evolve and is critical for confidential communication and e-Commerce transactions.
  • Web access infrastucture technologies like Broadband, VOIP, Wireless, & the ‘Mobile Web’ continue to evolve, increasing our access to increasingly rich content on the web, from anywhere, at any time.

As a result, the Web currently:

  • gives us the potential to access any of billions of web pages
  • seduces existing web-users to invest more of their time using it
  • continues to reach more new users every day

In order to keep pace with all of this frenetic development, the field of Web Marketing is developing at a dizzying pace, and web marketing ‘best practices’ are becoming continuously more diverse and complex. No wonder most Marketing Professionals are beginning to become confused; Should You have a Facebook page? Should You be Tweeting? What about reaching mobile users? …

Web Marketing ‘Best Practices’

Whether you need to sell to a Local, National, or Global prospect base, today’s web marketing best practices can provide any business unprecedented 24/7 direct reach to large numbers of highly targeted prospects. In this way, the Web was supposed to ‘level the playing field’ for small and large businesses.

Instead, the Web has completely ripped up the ‘playing field’, and carved a new set of peaks and valleys into it: Currently, most marketing professionals admit to being unsure of how to use this increasingly multi-faceted and sophisticated channel in the optimum way. So businesses in general are clueless about how to leverage their marketing budgets into maximum ROI. For most, this ongoing and heightening state of flux in web marketing best practices presents an insurmountable barrier that only continues to grow at an accelerating rate!

For Your business to make the most of Your opportunity on the web you have to be using Today’s Web Marketing Best Practices. If you fall behind the developmental curve you’re obviously missing out on potential opportunity, but you should also realize that if you get too far ahead of the curve you’re just wasting Your time and money! True best practices will keep You in the ‘sweet spot’ – the place where Your Target Markets and the Access Technologies that they are actually using to seek you out (today!) overlap.

Web Marketing Strategy

Web Technology is continuously changing, with disruptive innovations like broadband, video streaming, social media, and the mobile web. The Primary Web Marketing Best Practice has always been to develop a coherent Web Marketing Strategy that defines the optimum fit between Your business and All Your (Potential) Target Markets. And no matter how the Web continues to evolve, this will always be a fundamental tenet of optimized marketing.

For those businesses that choose to navigate their way through the maze of ever-morphing online options, to define and implement their optimum Web Marketing Strategy, this same state of rapid flux and apparent mayhem provides an opportunity for huge competitive advantage and rapid market expansion.

You don’t need the biggest marketing budget to win. You need the optimum Web Marketing Strategy – that is finely-tuned to find the fit between Your target market and Your business. And, the gap between those companies that have adopted a coherent web marketing strategy, and those that have not, is rapidly widening!

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