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Astridge International
Dialysis Chair / Recliner
Design Philosophy

  • A dialysis chair must be securely balanced in all operational positions
  • A dialysis chair must be constructed with easily sanitized materials
  • A dialysis chair must fully support the patient - who may faint, or lose balance, during dialysis
  • A dialysis chair must be comfortable for the patient
  • Dialysis chair arm extensions should be available for either arm - for patients with accessible veins in only one arm
  • Arm extensions must provide visibility of the elbow region, be large enough to securely support venipuncture, and be easily retracted in case of patient collapse
  • An adjustable reclining dialysis chair is preferable - requiring minimal bending for venipuncture
  • A dialysis chair should allow for rapid and easy adjustment from sitting to reclining, supine and Trendelenberg position - in the event of the patient fainting or going into shock
  • Dialysis chair casters should allow easy repositioning and lock to secure safety in operation.

Read the Canadian Association of Pathologists phlebotomy chair design recommendations

Astridge International provides a 2 year limited warranty on every 'stationary' and 'portable' medical chair / recliner

US General Services Administration GSA Approved For Provision Of Medical Chairs, Phlebotomy Chairs, Chemotherapy Chairs, Dialysis Chairs... & Accessories

Techno DC Dialysis Chair / Recliners
4-Motor Power-Adjustable Dialysis Chairs

Techno DC dialysis chair / recliners are fully motorized, precisely adjustable, dialysis chairs - allowing effortless patient positioning. Techno DC dialysis chair / recliners are also ergonomically designed for ultimate patient comfort and specifically engineered for long-term reliable & durable operation.

Techno Dialysis Chair / Recliner

Techno DC Motorized Dialysis Chair / Recliner Operation

The Techno DC is our 'flagship' dialysis chair / recliner, setting new standards for ease of use and patient comfort. The 4 powerful electric motors allow safe, comfortable and precise patient positioning at the press of a button on the hand control unit. This 'best in class' dialysis chair is specifically engineered for long-term, reliable, and durable operation, and can easily be adapted for other medical chair applications.

The Techno DC can also be supplied with an available range of custom medical trays and accessories, to fit Your specific requirements.

Techno DC Motorized Dialysis Chair / Recliner Standard Features

Techno DC is a multi-positioning motorized dialysis chair / recliner with 4 motors:

  • Large stable base
  • Chair height adjustment
  • Chair back fully reclines to the horizontal position
  • Chair foot area raises to the Trendelenberg position
  • Hand-held control unit for easy adjustment of the chair/recliner

Two large manually adjustable armrests:

  • Swivel for easy blood donor ingress and outgress
  • Large stable venipuncture platform also promotes patient comfort

Four large cushioned wheels:

  • Allow full mobility of the chair
  • Lock for safety & security during blood drawing

All surfaces are easily cleaned and sanitized:

  • Powder-coated frame for durable, high quality, finish
  • Premium medical grade treated vinyl upholstery*
  • Replaceable clear protective cover over foot area

* Medical Chair Upholstery offers superior bacterial protection and results in a more hygienic environment, because germ counts can be kept down. It also guards against the surface growth of fungus, mold and mildew spores, making it ideal for healthcare applications. Standard test methods confirm that this material offers the toughest abrasion protection available for vinyl fabrics - demonstrating excellent resistance to scuffing and burnishing which can make ordinary vinyls look old before their time.

Vinyl upholstery is available in several colors:

Medical Chair Fabric - Black

Medical Chair Fabric - Dark Blue

Medical Chair Fabric - Royal Blue

Medical Chair Fabric - Slate Blue

Medical Chair Fabric - Steel Grey

Medical Chair Fabric - Rodeo

Medical Chair Fabric - Chestnut

Black Dark
Rodeo Chestnut

Medical Chair Fabric - Dark Green

Medical Chair Fabric - Emerald

Medical Chair Fabric - Teal

Medical Chair Fabric - Red

Medical Chair Fabric - Desert Rose

Medical Chair Fabric - Plum


Emerald Teal Red Desert

Techno DC Motorized Dialysis Chair / Recliner Dimensions

Back seat height - 51" to 58" Cushion - 24"W
Reclining total length - 74" Back cushion - 20"L
Reclined height @ each end - 25" & 31" Headrest - 15"H x 15"top/20"bottom W
Full chair width - 34.5" Seat cushion - 20"L
Cushioned armrest - 21"L x 7"W Reclined base to floor - 20" up to 27"
Frame - 39.5"L x 29"W Leg support - 14.5"H x 18.5"W top/10"bottom
(Specific measurements are subject to change without notice)

Techno DC Dialysis Chair / Recliner Price Varies With Options Selected And Quantity Ordered e-mail, Or Call (716) 481-3162 To Discuss Your Requirements

German Engineering
Astridge International Medical Chairs - German Engineering Made In The USA

What Separates An
Astridge International Dialysis Chair / Recliner From The Competition?

We understand the many variables that medical staff face, from the range in size of a patient, to the type of equipment used, and the regulations & procedures followed in different facilities.

We offer a wide range of dialysis chairs, featuring different degrees of motor-assisted operation, designed for either 'Stationary' or 'Portable' applications.

Whatever Your requirements, we can supply the optimum dialysis chair to fit them.

'Stationary' or 'Portable' Medical Chairs / Recliners

'Stationary' medical chairs are designed for permanent medical facility use, whereas 'Portable' medical chairs are specifically engineered for frequent transportation, as in mobile blood transfusion applications.

Regardless of application, every dialysis chair is built around a rigid core of exacting specifications to perform within our dialysis chair /recliner design philosophy (see left margin).

Phlebotomy Chair Factoid

'Stationary' blood drawing chairs use casters for mobility, whereas lightweight 'Portable' blood drawing chairs do not need them!

Custom Dialysis Chairs

Frequently, patients or medical staff have special needs. Drawing upon our considerable engineering & design experience, we can usually customize Your dialysis chair to meet Your specific needs and comply with all other necessary specifications.

Every custom dialysis chair from Astridge International is ergonomically designed and engineered to:

  • Promote patient safety, security & comfort
  • Promote medical staff safety, security & comfort
  • Include all required functionality for its specific medical purpose as a dialysis chair

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