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Basementsaver Pumps Customer Service
Basementsaver Backup Pumps Customer Service

Are You confused? If You need help selecting the best backup sump pump for Your specific basement, just follow the process in the yellow box and feel free to call or e-mail Basementsaver with questions.

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Size 1 Water Powered Sump Pump Models

Your optimum choice will be to install a Size 1 water powered sump pump. You have 4 models to choose from:

Backup Sump Pump Selector Summary - Facts Determined So Far

An unrestricted city water supply can be made available:

You have Less Than 800 gph maximum flow to remove:

You have At Least 420 gph city water flow:

RECOMMENDATION 1 - You are ideally configured to install a Size 1 water powered backup sump pump. Your optimum choice is probably a Basementsaver WP1 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump (removes up to 900 gph).

Basementsaver WP1 Water Powered Sump Pump Specifications:

Note 1 - WP-Series pumps are designed with intrinsic backflow prevention to protect Your city water supply. However, if Your water department stipulates 'approved' backflow prevention - see Recommendation 2 below.

Note 2 - WP-Series pumps are designed for application with normal city water supply (in the range 40 - 100psi). If You suspect that You have abnormally high water pressure, exceeding 100psi, see Recommendation 3 below.

RECOMMENDATION 2 - If Your city water department requires 'approved' backflow prevention, choose the Basementsaver WPA1 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump With 'Approved' AVB, which features similar performance to the WP1 unit, but includes an integrated 'approved' Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB) to ensure protection of your city water supply.

Basementsaver WPA1 Water Powered Sump Pump Specifications:

RECOMMENDATION 3 - If Your city water pressure exceeds 100psi You cannot use a WP-Series or WPA-Series model. Instead, Your optimum choice is either:

  • an HP1 High Pressure Water Powered Backup Sump Pump
  • or an HPA1 High Pressure Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with 'Approved' AVB
  • (To determine Your city water pressure, either call Your local water department or purchase a hose-spigot water pressure meter at Your local hardware store.)

    Basementsaver HP1 Water Powered Sump Pump Specifications:

    Basementsaver HPA1 Water Powered Sump Pump Specifications:

    The Effect Of City Water Pressure On Water Powered Sump Pump Performance

    Normal City Water Pressure (40 - 100psi):
    For WP-Series Water Powered Backup Pumps and also WPA-Series Water Powered Backup Pumps, the volume of water removed from Your sump pit depends on the city water pressure that is supplied to the backup pump ejector unit. The higher your city water pressure, the higher the pumping rate that can be achieved (up to 100psi - the recommended maximum operating pressure for WP-Series and WPA-Series pumps).

    Pumping rates are presented below (in gallons per hour, gph), assuming a typical 10 ft lift to discharge (pumping rates decrease as lift to discharge increases, but the decrease is only minor up to about 15ft of lift):

    Pump Models:

    WP1, WPA1

    WP2, WPA2

    WP3, WPA3

    City Water Pressure (psi)

    Sump Water Removed (gph)

    Sump Water Removed (gph)

    Sump Water Removed (gph)

















    Water Connection:

    1/2 in or 3/4 in

    3/4 in

    3/4 in or 1 in

    Suction / Discharge:

    1 in

    1-1/4 in

    1-1/2 in

    Typical Use:

    normal sump flow

    Large Residential
    high sump flow

    very high sump flow

    Very High City Water Pressure (75 - 150psi):
    For city water pressures exceeding 100psi we have designed the HP-Series Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps and HPA-Series Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps with 'Approved' AVB Backflow Preventer. When operating at city water pressure in the range 100 - 150psi, the volume of water removed from your sump pit by these high pressure water powered sump pumps is essentially constant (equaling or exceeding the maximum performance of an equivalent WP-Series pump).

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    Basementsaver WP1
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