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We understand that you need some time to order the pieces that you want, in the correct color of your choice.
Order Your Sample Hardwood Finish Chip Set to see exactly how our furniture finishes will look in Your home!

Mennonite Furniture Studios, Mennonite & Amish Heirloom Furniture Rosette

Mennonite Furniture Studios - Cabinets
Heirloom Quality Solid Hardwood Furniture

Beautiful Heirloom Quality Hardwood Furniture Built By Some Of Americas
Finest & Most Dedicated Craftsmen - Mennonite & Amish Furniture Builders
Build Your Legacy Furniture Collection At A Price You Can Afford!

A Range Of Heirloom Quality Hardwood Bookshelves & Cabinets
Hardwood Bookshelves...

A Range Of Heirloom Quality Hardwood Huntboards & Hutches
Hardwood Huntboards...

A Range Of Heirloom Quality Hardwood Cabinets
Hardwood Cabinets...

Mennonite Furniture Studios offers a wide range of hardwood cabinets, bookshelves, huntboards, hutches, etc... in various styles and finishes. Solid hardwood bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture...

Visit our Online Hardwood Cabinets Catalog , Call (716).775.0206 or e-mail for a printed catalog.

Mennonite Furniture Studios - 'American Heirloom Furniture' Collection
'Classic' and 'Heritage' Pieces - Only The Best Endures!

We take lasting pleasure in custom building beautiful legacy furniture pieces that Your family can cherish for generations. Whether You choose from our 'Classic' or 'Heritage' Heirloom Collection, every custom 'American Heirloom Furniture' piece is personally signed by the Mennonite or Amish craftsman who caringly built it, specifically for You and Your family to enjoy.

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