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About Harbison Brothers Barrel / Drum Outlet, New York

$SAVE$ - Discount 55 Gallon Barrels: New 55 gallon barrels, Used 55 gallon barrels, Plastic 55 gallon barrels, Fiber 55 gallon barrels, Steel 55 gallon barrels, Stainless Steel 40 gallon barrels, Barrel/Drum Handling Equipment & Accessories

HB Harbison Brothers, Buffalo, NY - Since 1893

Adam Harbison left Ireland in 1902 and came to Buffalo, NY, to join his uncles at Harbison Brothers, who were then in the carting business. During the depression of 1907, he bought a horse and wagon and began trading in wooden barrels. He then opened the very 1st gas station in Buffalo, and brought his 2 brothers over from Ireland to help him run the combined businesses.

Harbison Brothers - Coopers, Barrel & Drum Refurbishers in Buffalo, NY, Since 1893

Next the company landed a large linseed oil account, and started hauling stone for the building of Buffalo's harbor breakwall. Adam then hired a crew of coopers establishing Harbison Brothers as a cooperage company. He built his home right next door to the plant, where he raised 2 daughters and 3 sons.

About this time, Nellie Bly invented by the steel drum, and by the end of WWI steel drums were commercially available and in great demand for shipping oil.

By the end of WWII, reconditioning steel drums had grown into an important industry. Adam and his sons, John, Jim, and Bob, incorporated Harbison Brothers in 1946, and added the machinery necessary to clean steel drums for reuse. They joined NABADA, (now RIPA), a national association for drum reconditioners, and faced the environmental challenges of the 1960's and 70's, upgrading the operation to meet the new and much higher standards.

Harbison Brothers - Pat Harbison (Now Pat Potts) Company President, Growing Up At Harbison Brothers, Inc.

Having grown up in the business, Jim's kids, Pat, Tim and Doug, came on board in 1994, with a combined 35 years of experience. They continued to move the company forward into diversification, and in 2007 Harbison Brothers became certified as a woman-owned business.

Recycle - Reuse - $SAVE$
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Today Harbison Brothers, HB, continues sell new and refurbished barrels/drums, buckets/pails, and a range of barrel/drum handling equipment and accessories.

HB specializes in assisting businesses in the purchase and disposal of 55 gallon steel and plastic drums. We offer You cost-effective and environmentally responsible options, transferring Your environmental liability to us!

HB Barrel-Drum-Outlet.com - Discount 55 Gallon Barrels, New York
New & Used 55 Gallon Barrels, Plastic 55 Gallon Barrels, Fiber 55 Gallon Barrels, Steel 55 Gallon Barrels, Stainless Steel 40 Gallon Barrels
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