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Basementsaver Pumps Customer Service
Basementsaver Backup Pumps Customer Service

Are You confused? If You need help selecting the best backup sump pump for Your specific basement, just follow the process in the yellow box and feel free to call or e-mail Basementsaver with questions.

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Size 3 Water Powered Sump Pump Models

Your optimum choice will be to install a Size 3 water powered sump pump. You have 4 models to choose from:

Backup Sump Pump Selector Summary - Facts Determined So Far

An unrestricted city water supply can be made available:

You have 1,100 - 1,600 gph maximum flow to remove:

You have Less Than 900 gph city water flow:

RECOMMENDATION 1 - You have insufficient city water flow to use a Size 3 water powered sump pump, and a Size 2 water powered sump pump cannot fulfill Your pumping requirements. However, You are ideally configured to install a Size 1 battery backup sump pump, which has ample capacity to suit Your needs.

Your optimum choice is probably a Basementsaver BP1 Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump (removes 1,800 gph average). This backup pump is designed for the simplest possible installation, Fitting Just Above Your Primary Sump Pump, Inside Your Sump Pit.

Basementsaver BP1 Battery Backup Sump Pump Specifications:

Note - The BP1 Battery Backup Sump Pump unit dimensions are: 17"L x 13"W x 10"H. If You have restricted space in Your specific sump pit and it cannot accomodate the BP1 backup pump unit, see Recommendation 2 below.

RECOMMENDATION 2 - If You sump pit cannot accomodate a BP1 backup sump pump unit choose the Basementsaver BP2 Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump (removes 1,400 - 1,800 gph average), which features similar performance to the BP1 unit, but mounts outside Your sump pit, on Your basement floor.

Basementsaver BP2 Battery Backup Sump Pump Specifications:

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Basementsaver BP1
Battery Backup Pump
BP1 Basement Battery Backup Pump
1,800 gal/hr average
Very Easy Installation


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