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Premier New Home Construction In The Buffalo Niagara Region Of Western New York


Custom New Home Building With Highview Homes Of WNY

Your New Home Builder For Fairly Priced Premier Custom Home Design And Residential Construction In The Buffalo - Niagara Falls Region Of Western New York

Grand Island, NY
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Welcome To Highview New Home Building:

Highview Homes, is a new home builder, based on Grand Island (NY), building high quality cost-effective custom built homes and townhouses across the entire Buffalo - Niagara Falls region of Western New York (WNY).

We can design and build a beautiful new home to suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget. And because we specialize in custom home design and residential construction for WNY, you can trust us with your new home building project in the Buffalo - Niagara Falls region.

Building your own home? - consider our General Contractor Services and Construction Management Services. Building your own home with Highview Homes is a pleasant and educational experience - resulting in a beautiful durable new home, cost optimized and engineered for comfortable living in all seasons in the Buffalo - Niagara Falls region.

Highview Premier New Homes

Custom build your Energy Efficient new dream home with expert building terchniques and the latest in high-quality building materials, fixtures, and fittings, all for a very fair price:

Energy Star® Certified New Home Construction
All Highview New Homes Are Energy Star® Certified

Make Highview Homes your custom home builder - Contact Us for more information.

Highview Superior Custom Home Designs >3000 Sqft

Executive-Level residential real estate in the Buffalo - Niagara Falls Region Of Western New York (WNY).

Highview Executive-Level Buffalo Real Estate
Highview Executive level custom home designs have floorplans over 3000sqft:

buffalo-real-estate-3800gTheresa and Steve, Grand Island, NY:
"Back in the summer of 1994, we wanted a high quality custom built home, but were concerned about the time commitment necessary to complete the project with the average builder. As busy business people relocating into the region we were relieved to find that Paul Lunick of Highview Homes really did take most of the stress out of building - economically, and within our budget.

Paul personally reviewed our requirements and quickly arranged a tour of all suitable building lots in the Buffalo Metro area - without any commitment from us. His expertise in local building requirements was obvious, and we found that his advice was invaluable. Paul helped us select a beautiful location for our home, and made the entire building process a pain-free event.

buffalo-real-estate-3800b buffalo-real-estate-3800c buffalo-real-estate-3800d

buffalo-real-estate-3800f"At the end of 2017, we have brought up our family of 2 children in our home. After well over 23 years of family living, we can certainly attest to the comfort and durability of Highview Homes premier products. We would strongly recommend building a new home with Highview Homes to anybody moving into the Buffalo - Niagara Falls area."


Other Highview Executive-Level Residential Real Estate In The Buffalo Metro Area - New Homes >3000 sqft :
A typical Highview Executive level custom home plan has over 3000sqft area, plus basement, plus 3 car garage.

buffalo-real-estate-3000a buffalo-real-estate-3000b buffalo-real-estate-3000c
buffalo-real-estate-3000d buffalo-real-estate-3000e buffalo-real-estate-3000f

Highview Executive-Level Residential Real Estate Options

Quality Buffalo Real Estate With Style.

Move up to an executive class luxury custom new home in the Buffalo - Niagara Falls region of WNY
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