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Sump Pump & Emergency Backup Sump Pump Outlet
Ultra-Reliable Basement Protection From Basementsaver

Find The Optimum Sump Pump & Emergency Backup Sump Pump For Your Basement
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Sump Pumps, Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps, Battery Backup Sump Pumps
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110-120V AC Primary Sump Pumps

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SP-Series Sump Pumps BP-Series Battery Backup Sump Pumps

SP1 1,380gph

SP2 2,040gph

SP3 3,000gph

SP3S +3,000gph

SP Primary Sump Pumps SPS 'Standby' Sump Pump

BP0 900gph

BP1 1,800gph

BP2 1,400gph

BP3 3,000gph

BP0, BP1, BP2 12VDC - BP3 110VDC via Inverter

Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Water Powered AVB Backup Pumps

WP-Series Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps & HP-Series High Pressure Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps WPA-Series Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps with AVB Technology & HPA-Series High Pressure Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps With AVB Technology

WP1 900gph

WP2 1,400gph

WP3 2,000gph

HP1 900gph

HP2 1,400gph

HP3 2,000gph

WP-Series 40-100psi, HP-Series 75-150psi City Water Pressure

WPA1 900gph

WPA2 1,400gph

WPA3 2,000gph

HPA1 900gph

HPA2 1,400gph

HPA3 2,000gph

'Approved' Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Backflow Prevention

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Sump Pump Commonsense

What's in Your basement and how would it cope with a flood? Most reasonable people would agree that they NEED a Reliable Sump Pump to protect their basement and its' contents.

You may already have a sump pump, but how reliable is it? Did your builder, or a previous homeowner, install a cheap or under-powered sump pump just to save pennies, leaving you to carry the risk?

Maybe you've just finished your basement, and you've realized that you really need to properly protect your new investment?

Whatever the reason, you wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't already come to the conclusion that you want to protect Your basement from flooding.

  • Your First Priority - should be to install a highly RELIABLE Primary Sump Pump that runs from your 110-120V mains electric supply.
  • Your Second Priority - should be to install an ULTRA-RELIABLE Backup Sump Pump which will faultlessly and automatically kick in whenever your primary sump pump stops pumping due to a power outage or other failure.
  • One day Your primary basement sump pump will fail, and the odds are that you won't even be at home to react to the problem... Do YOU Need A Backup Sump Pump For Your Basement?

    ... my basement is finished and it would have been very expensive to run a water supply for a water powered pump. I couldn't fit a normal battery powered back up pump into my sump so the Basementsaver BP2 was perfect. It took less than 25 minutes to install and it works beautifully. I'll continue to check the battery as you suggested. This is a wonderful product, I feel greatly relieved and no longer have to worry about power failures.
    Basementsaver BP2 Owner, IL

    ... I'm very impressed by the Basementsaver's design and performance. I only wish I'd installed it before my basement got flooded. I didn't have flood insurance and I lost everything so I really understand how Your excellent pump provides very inexpensive protection against flooding. I recommended Basementsaver pumps very highly.
    Basementsaver WP2 Owner, NJ

    Basementsaver Water Powered Sump Pumps & Battery Backup Sump Pumps
    Easy Installation - Reliable Protection - Full Customer Support
    $SAVE$ - ALL Sump Pumps NOW ON SALE + FREE US Shipping (Mainland USA)
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    Basementsaver Sump Pumps & Backup Pumps Advice Column

    Things You Need To Know About Floods & Backup Sump Pumps

    Avoid Unnecessary Pain & Cost!
    Flooded Basement
    Put A Basementsaver Backup Sump Pump In Your Basement!

    Home Theaters, Gyms, Workshops, Laundry Equipment, Stored Items... Have You ever added up the value of everything in Your basement? Even a small flood down there would be a disaster! There's the dirty water, the foul smell that penetrates your entire home, the mold that often follows as it takes days or weeks to fully and properly dry out.

    The mess caused is truly horrible. Consider the hassle and expense of clean-up, often the damage or complete loss of irreplaceable personal treasures, and the huge monetary loss associated with everything else that is ruined.

    Flooded Basement
    What's In Your Basement?

    We continue to hear the pain in the voices of people who thought it would never happen to them, and it really doesn't have to happen to You - You Can Protect Yourself!

    You may have bought extra flood insurance to reimburse any potential loss. But the cost of that adds up significantly over time, and insurance just can't take away the horrendous experience you'll go through during and after the flood.

    A Generator Is Not Enough!
    A generator can usually protect you when the power goes out, but it can't help if your primary sump pump ever fails. In addition, generators are complex pieces of equipment with a lot to go wrong. We frequently hear from distraught people who have a generator that did not work when it was needed!

    A Good Primary Sump Pump Is Not Enough Either!
    Obviously, a cheap sump pump is a very bad investment, and You need to install the most RELIABLE, properly sized, Primary Sump Pump that you can find.
    - But that is not enough! -
    You also need an EVEN MORE RELIABLE Backup Sump Pump that will kick in automatically when your power goes out, or when the primary pump fails for any reason.

    Need More Help Or Advice?
    e-mail Basementsaver
    Or Call 1-866-374-3977

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    Why Backup?

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    Water Powered Backup Pumps

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